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 Client, 05-30-2017

By: Tom

I was talking to a lady at the nursing home where my dad is and she has Sherry Rush working with her on the care of her husband. You folks are truly Angels in the way you help people in their time of need, and should be proud of everything you do for people. I just wanted to take time to tell you how much you are appreciated, I am sure there are lots of other people you and sherry have helped, so God Bless you folks in all your future ventures.

 Wife/Caregiver, 12-29-2016

By: Martha Elliott

Daphne and her partner provide the most knowledgeable and caring advice possible to family members and caregivers of loved ones facing the tragedy of long term care and debilitating diseases. Their spot on advice and knowledge of how to navigate the murky waters of the processes are exactly what one needs to help make the very challenging decisions needed to provide the best care for a loved one. I commend them in the highest, without question.

 Client, 07-20-2016

By: Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

There are so many jokes, so many negative opinions of attorneys in life but your area of expertise has to be the most rewarding of all types of law. I know your life has been filled with devastation and loss, but how fortunate, in light of your personal misery, your job must bring you some joy and satisfaction for helping those who are unable to help and care for themselves.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for our family; you are a very special person.

 Client, 05-30-2016

By: Stephen Hobbs

I can't say enough about Angels of Elder Care. We were at our wits end with trying to get our mother in to the nursing home. They were threatening to discharge her and we were no longer able to take care of her. Once I got in touch with Sherry and Daphne within 12 hours everything was squared away and they have handled everything we needed to get her settled. They are truly Angels. I would recommend them highly.

 Customer, 03-20-2016

By: Jon

I would like to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation for all of the help that you have graciously provided both my wife and I throughout 2014. While it may be part of your "job" I am mindful of the consideration and tact that you have used to try to make my wife's and my circumstances less taxing and more beneficial. Now at the end of this year, I would like to acknowledge your efforts and actions as well as applaud your for all that you have contributed to our comfort and well being to the extent that such is possible. your dedication and work has not gone unnoticed.

 Client, 03-15-2016

By: Claire

We want to thank you for all the hours, days, weeks, months and almost a year. You both have spent continuously trying to qualify our mother for Medicaid. We have traveled this journey with you and know how difficult and frustrating it is. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and luck.

No matter what the outcome, we ant to thank you both again for all you do for so many and especially for us.

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 True Angels, 12-02-2014

By: Cheryl

While this sounds corny, you have been an angel. I do not think I could have waded through the Medicaid application process myself. Much less the nerve wracking interim pending time frame as well the verification requests. I feel blessed professionals, such as yourself, are so well networked in Baltimore. I would not have known how to locate a resource such as Angels of Eldercare, had Erica R.N. not referred me to you specifically.

I wish the business office of the facility or the social work department, had given the option of your organization as a resource.

In closing, all my thanks for being such a dedicated professional working within this field. Your great personality is a added bonus.

All my pleasure and thanks,

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 So valuable, 12-02-2014

By: Matt

Thanks for such a good consultation today. Your insights and contacts are so valuable in helping me navigate what is in my mind a very confusing barrage of options and avenues. I am much better equipped now, to handle the choices for the care of my mom, which I'll be eventually be facing and wont' have to rush around making last minute decisions. Even more, I now have an established resource in you to come back to as the need arises for future advice. I'll be recommending Angels of Elder Care to my friends.


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