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Cold Weather Greens Super Fast; Flag & Hole Placement Issu

Last winter, my golfing pals and I stopped playing this course because the greens were super, super fast; the hole placement, often on the steepest slope of a green, made the fast greens a bigger issue; and every flag was yellow, so you could not determine if the hole was front, middle or back of the green. Well, it appears that those issues are there once again. On sloped greens, putting downhill was treacherous - almost impossible to stop the ball. On hole 9, the flag was near the front of a rather steeply sloped green, so most shots onto the green would end up above the flag, thus requiring a downhill putt. Unless your putt goes into the hole, it is not going to stop until it rolls off of th bottom/front of the green onto the fringe or even into the rough. On hole 18, my golf partner putted straight uphill to near the hole, his ball slowed to a stop, then started to roll back down to him, so he picked it up before it could go too far. Also on hole 18, the flag was blue, but the hole was almost exactly in the middle of the green, nowhere near the back. I realize that this is one of the lowest priced courses in the area, but even considering that, it is too frustrating for me to play it during the cold months when the conditions are so treacherous. Using appropriately colored flags and better hole placement could make the course acceptable to me, but when we raised these concerns last winter, they were ignored, so I do not anticipate any changes in those areas. When warm weather comes around in the spring, I will gladly return to Meadow Brook.

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