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Absolute pleasure to experience this training with Mr. Ronald David and his excellent team Hal, Sean, and Mike! Kudos for providing a great venue and the opportunity to experience the NRA Basic Pistol Instruction course. Exemplary attitudes, positive feedback, safety emphasis, and a relaxed learning experience. By experience I mean actively allowing participation, allowing the class remembers to feel apart of something greater than the sum of the individual parts. Personal, professional, and range time was so enjoyable. Well managed and smooth flowing for the entire experience. I noticed that Ron has a great following, he knows who's in the room, and he enhances the strengths of others. Clearly explains the lessons, raises the expectations through out the day encouraging more participation as the day progressed. Breaks were timely, time management of the class was great. The lessons moved along nicely and before you know it, boom, we're done. An amazingly great time for all and highly recommend Ron's leadership for any class. I learned a lot more than I expected. Sharing realistic personal and professional experience and lessons learned was value added. I'm signing up for more classes for sure. Thank you Ron, and thank you Hal, Mike, and Sean! Keep up the great work!

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