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I.C.E. FDT Classes Rock!

Attended my second ICEFDT NRA course this week, confirming their super commitment to delivering excellent training and meticulously keeping the focus on gun safety. They have a great corporate culture, nice educational facility and very (VERY) experienced instructors. Both classes delivered in a measured, collegial atmosphere designed to encourage student participation (no matter the student skill or experience level) that really added to the class. Literally, there were no questions posed that weren't duly examined and addressed. ICEFDT is my go-to vendor for my gun-related training goals, range safety, deploying different platforms, self-defense, active shooter response, coaching, etc., There's a lot for a newbie to absorb and if you value having a trusted partner to facilitate your development like I do, you'll want to check out ICEFDT. Oh...almost forgot. Their class fees are very reasonable as compared with other NRA training vendors in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and DC area. Nothing quite like subject matter expertise and quality AND competitive pricing to turn me into a regular customer!

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