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Great experience! Excellent training.

My husband and I had an introductory class for rifle and pistol handling with I.C.E. Firearms & Defensive Training last week. I came with no prior knowledge of firearms (except for shooting a bb gun a few times). Mr. David explained in depth safety and rules of firearms handling, as well as technical details of different pistols and rifles. Basics of stance and correct aiming were discussed and practiced too. Next, we went through disassembly and cleaning of rifles. Being a scientist, an understanding of underlying physical/technical principles are important for me when mastering any new skill. I was very satisfied with the explanations we were given. The actual practical part took place at the range, where we were able to practice what we’ve just learnt. Mr. Davis and his assistant were incredibly attentive to us, they closely watched all our actions and helped to correct our moves, or to make them more efficient. Instructions were clear and helpful, and were given in a very friendly manner, which helped me to quickly advance my skills. I felt very safe with Mr. David, and I much enjoyed the training. We also went through some basics of using cover, changing position, first aid, etc. The instructors watched our progress carefully, facilitating and speeding up every aspect of it. Overall, I’ve got much more from this class than I initially expected, and was very excited with my progress. I would most definitely recommend I.C.E. Firearms & Defensive Training to anyone interested in obtaining firearms training.

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