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Bathroom remodel project

I recently hired Cregger Construction to complete a bathroom remodel project. After having a really bad experience with a contractor who was hired to retile the same bathroom, I explained to Steve my apprehension with moving forward and how I really just couldn’t stomach wasting more money. He did his best to assure me that I wouldn’t regret choosing Cregger and I must say he was absolutely correct. My experience from start to finish was 10/10. Steve was on top of every communication I sent and was did a great job communicating with me about the project and what to expect. He estimated the project would take 4 weeks and the project took 4 weeks. There were no surprise expenses during the project, which is huge when working with a contractor. I asked 100 questions and he answered 100 questions. I’m sure he could tell when I’d been off Googling and he would patiently answer my questions and not disregard me or belittle my questions. I say all this not to say that everything went perfectly and as expected. We did discover a small leak in the evening the project was called completed. I took pictures and sent a text to Steve. He responded immediately and they were back out the next day to fix everything. Now for the details, I knew on day 1 this was going to be a good experience. Mike, the contractor that completed the work was AMAZING!! He is thorough, detailed oriented and passionate about the work he does. I appreciate that he did not rush and that he took his time doing everything. Each day he’d start the day by placing drop cloths on the floor from the front door all the way to the bathroom, which is up a flight of stairs, down the hall and through the master bedroom. He covered EVERYTHING inside of the bedroom including placing coverings on the wall to cover the closets and dressers. Demo day was unusually quiet for demo project, that’s because he takes care in what he does so there was no need for a bunch of loud banging and ripping. He understood I was working a few rooms over and would often close the door if he thought it would be too noisy and interfere with my work. When it was time to tile the bathroom, he matched the pattern of the floor tile and the wall tile so it all works well together. There was never any extra debris or trash around my home inside or out. I didn’t even notice any tile remnants. He was mindful of materials. If he had to make a change, he ask my opinion let me give my opinion and then would provide guidance if needed. My bathroom looks like a model home bathroom and I couldn’t be happier. I have and will continue to recommend Cregger Construction for bathroom remodeling projects.

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