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Big Dog Ranch Rescue | Cage-Free, No-kill Dog Rescue Center in Florida USA

Big Dog Ranch Rescue | Cage-Free, No-kill Dog Rescue Center in Florida USA
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Big Dog Ranch Rescue was founded in 2008; since then, we have saved the lives of more than 48,500 dogs. Our mission is to save 5,000 dogs every year, to heal and place them with loving families and to educate people about the proper care for dogs and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Every year the need grows - thousands of precious dogs find themselves homeless, abused, and on death’s door through no fault of their own. Every night I give thanks for YOU, our generous supporters, who give from your hearts.

Because of your generosity, we have saved more than 44,000 lives and united countless families with their new pet since I started my rescue journey 15 years ago. The requests for help never stop and our transport bus is never idle while we support, overcrowded kill-shelters throughout the southeast. The need is so great and we work as hard as we can to save all the heartbeats in need.

Every year:
We receive hundreds of local, owner-surrendered dogs from families that can no longer care for their pets. We rescue thousands of dogs from the euthanasia lists from shelters in Florida,Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas. We deploy teams of first responders to natural disaster areas to assist shelters and residents when they are overwhelmed in the mainland United States, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We organize rescues as far away as China where, pre-Covid, we were sending travelers to rescue 9 dogs per flight. We still have thousands of pure-breed dogs who were pets, confiscated from their owners, and sold into the barbaric China Meat Trade. We educate over 10,000 people about the importance of spaying/neutering and proper treatment of animals. We speak as a global voice for legislative reform to protect all pets, making animal abuse a federal crime.

Because of YOU, and YOUR GENEROSITY we save more than 5,000 lives per year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping these Hearts beating and making a tremendous difference.

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 Google Review, 06-22-2022

By: Marcio Moerbeck

Absolutely amazing sanctuary for dogs. We are waiting anxiously to adopt and if you are thinking about adding a dog to your family, it pays to visit them.

 Very impressed with this rescue., 06-20-2022

By: Donna Kamin

I was very impressed with this rescue. It's HUGE and they have many dogs that they care for. An amazing selection of beautiful dogs. And it's obvious how well taken care of they are. So many employees/volunteers around, making sure all the kennels are clean, all the dogs have water and EVERY dog has a bed or blanket to lay on. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They are doing it right over there and I really hope more people give them a look when interested in adopting their next pet.

 Google Review, 06-18-2022

By: anna andres

BDRR is a great rescue! Everyone there is friendly and helpful. Picked up my second rescue from them this past week.

 Adopt dont shop, 06-16-2022

By: Colleen Kelley

Lots of great dogs #adoptdontshop

 Google Review, 06-16-2022

By: Lori Gibb

I have to say that this is an amazing place. The way it is set up for these dogs is like Disneyland. They have a great place to play outside, the rooms they get to stay in are air-conditioned and the walls are painted with such cute artwork. Although there is a smell it is hard for them with the amount of dogs per room to eliminate the smell 100%. They have a lot of staff there which is great to see that many people helping. I am writing this review and hope that someone sees this and responds because it broke my heart when I saw one dog that had three legs. And whoever names these dogs should be ashamed by naming this dog Legless! This beautiful dog deserves to have a normal name, a loving name, a special name. I name that suits her personality, my suggestion would be to name her Love, Lovey, maybe Even Rose. But to name her a name such as the one given to her is a heartless terrible act. I walk with a cane, and I wouldn’t want to be called limpy or waddle because of the way I walk would you? So, Whoever reads this I am begging you to please have somebody change that poor dogs name. Dogs have feelings too. Dogs lives matter. Change her name! When her name gets changed I will rewrite this review and give a five star rating but until then you will only get 3 stars!!!!