Donna Knutson | Health Advisor in Owings Mills, MD

Donna Knutson | Health Advisor in Owings Mills, MD
Donna Knutson | Health Advisor in Owings Mills, MD
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In the event You need additional protection, the purchase of PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident Plans and the Optional Medical Inflation Protection and Guaranteed Insurability Rider provides You with a one- time right to purchase Our PremierMed Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense Plan without any additional medical underwriting. In Other words, Why pay for Coverage Before You Need It?

The Premier Choice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans pay in addition to any coverage You have in force – even an essential health benefits plan.

First Dollar Benefits!The PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident plans allow You to receive first dollar payments for expenses incurred up to a benefit maximum for covered healthcare services. And with the special doctor office visit “rollover”* feature in each Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plan, if You don’t use Your benefits, You don’t lose them.

No Calendar Year Deductible to Satisfy! PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident plans supplement an essential health benefits plan under which You must first satisfy a deductible every year before You are eligible to receive benefit payments.

*May not be available in all states. Exclusions and Limitations Apply

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 Happy Customer, 03-25-2019

By: N. Turner

I was not sure where to go to get some advice about Health Insurance until I met with Donna. She was able to guide me in the direction I needed and I want to tell people this.

If you don't know much about Health Insurance then please reach out to Donna.

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