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Dustins Wood Shop | Custom Furniture in Mount Airy MD

Dustins Wood Shop | Custom Furniture in Mount Airy MD
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My Name is Dustin Keith

I am a 2020 Linganore High School graduate. During my high school years I had a few ups and downs, which could include my family losing everything we owned due to a house fire or losing a state football game by a field goal. But I can also say I am very blessed to have two loving parents and other amazing people like my teachers and coaches who would always pick me up when I was down. This could include the night of the fire when one of the first people there was my coach with a bag of clothes and items that were from his own closet for me to have. Or the time we were losing 19-0 in the final game of the season and came back to win the game. They taught me an important lesson, to always get back up and to never quit.

My senior year in high school I took woodworking and loved it, but something big came up called Corona Virus. This would cause school to go online and cause me to not to be able to do woodworking for a few weeks. I then cleaned up a few tools my dad had, like an old table saw and radial arm saw and I started making items from store bought lumber just for fun until I started my summer job. Later I would find out due to the Corona Virus my boss didn’t need me over the summer, so I had to turn this hobby into something bigger. So as I began selling more items I also began buying more machinery and hardwood like walnut, cherry, and more.

Now I have a decent little workshop that can make great furniture and home decor. I wouldn’t be where I am if I gave up, so always remember to keep your head up and work hard because good things will come. Thanks for reading my story!

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