Everyday Intuition


> Everyday intuition is in each one of us. Join the circle to explore life’s possibilities through growing the power of your own intuition.

> It's not just some people....

> Everybody is intuitive. That means you! You’ve got it! Sometimes it feels hard to spot. Let's talk about experiences you've had and what they mean to you and how to grow their meaning. That's what Everyday Intuition is all about! Why? Because this is a central part of our future.

> If you’re ready to learn more, now is the time and this is the place. Everyday Intuition is a group-centered approach to learning about intuition. It is through self-discovery and connection in a space where there is a deep trust so you can thrive, learn and use intuition more profoundly in your daily life.

> My guest, Amy Vasterling, is a status quo challenger who has been aware of intuitively reading energy since she saw a yogi floating outside her classroom window at age 7. She's a public speaker, teacher, and founder of the Wisdom Gathering an event for the deep thinkers and spiritual seekers to gain inspiration and clarity through self-discovery and intuition.


Everyday Intuition

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