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KB Firearms & Safety Training - Defensive Pistol 1


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Contact Name: Kirby Bowling


Phone: 305-814-4277



This course is designed to increase proficiency as a shooter preparing for a defensive pistol situation and is the first of three tactical handgun courses. It is an 8-hour course conducted solely on the range. Instruction and practical skills include remediating stoppages, tactical and emergency reloads, presentation from a holster and drills to improve accuracy and speed in a defensive pistol encounter. Bring your own lunch and drink, handgun, holster, holster belt, eye and ear protection and 250 rounds of ammo. Also introduces Survivability and teaches Stop the Bleed.

Instructor is former SWAT, federal law enforcement and instructor at the Joint Law Enforcement Training Center. You must first take NRA Basic Pistol (or equivalent like CCW or MD Wear and Carry) before you can take this course.


KB Firearms & Safety Training - Defensive Pistol 1

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Location: 11518 Marriottsville Road Marriottsville, Maryland 21104 United States

Venue Name: AGC Range

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