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Feeling stuck, unmotivated, a lack of abundance, low self-confidence, overwhelmed and exhausted? Would you like to experience energy healing by releasing past "emotional baggage" without speaking one word of back-story?

What about your fur-babies? Animals suffer traumatic events just like humans, especially during the first year of their life when they are adopted and removed from their natural family. Emotions of abandonment, worry, fear, low self-esteem get triggered later on in life and are displayed as separation anxiety, shyness, aggression and so much more. Don't just chalk it up to "odd" or "bad" behaviour....they are trying to tell you something!!

I have created this virtual emotion coding event for you and your pets with my guest Laureen Shefchick.


Because once these trapped emotions are released, they are gone for good! Your present life, and your fur-baby's, will no longer be sabotaged by your past!

My guest, Laureen Shefchik, is a certified Emotion Code healer. During our virtual group session, Laureen will release trapped emotions in YOU & YOUR FUR-BABIES through a methodical process, known as Emotion Code. All you have to do is sit back, relax with your fur-baby within 6' of you and enjoy the process!

Have faith, step out in trust, and grab Laureen's virtual hand on this special journey that is healing through energy. Know you are in the right place, trust in Laureen's ability to work with you and let's go!


Virtual Emotion Coding Event | Emotional Baggage | Energy Healing

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