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 Great vet very helpful, 03-31-2022

By: Denise A

Great vet very helpful

 Google Review, 03-31-2022

By: Danielle Springer

The doctors are very clear when explaining what needs to be done for my cats, and they ensure that if I have questions I can always come to them. They are always so gentle with my cats, and make them as comfortable as possible. I am also pleased that I will be able to purchase the food I will need for my cats there. I've never had any issues, and they're always quick to respond to my emails when I need information.

 Dr. Megan is wonderful, 03-09-2022

By: Karrie Barbour

Dr. Megan is wonderful, as is all her staff. They care about the animals but also the people. They are encouraging and understanding. The new office space is spacious and clean. You and your pets are in good hands at this facility.

 assistant was great, 02-01-2022

By: james brandenburg

Today we had to put down are cat the doctor that saw him was great and the assistant was great taking care of him and again thank you

 Google My Business Review, 11-24-2021

By: Kelly Sipes

The veterinarians and the staff are incredibly nice and caring. They listen to all concerns and treat you with the utmost respect. They are so kind to my 3 dogs! I would highly recommend their practice. The new location is amazing!

 Google My Business Review, 11-22-2021

By: Jennifer Christian

Dr Megan is the best! She saved my dog's life when she swallowed a knotted sock. As a last ditch effort, she had us try a different approach and also saved us thousands of dollars! We are so thankful for her and her associates.

 Google My Business Review, 11-22-2021

By: Antony Sharbaugh

This was my first visit. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Weaver is a gem.
Felt so as ease and immediately knew they had the pet's wellness foremost in their minds.

 Google My Business Review, 09-29-2021

By: Randi Trellis

Every human should be so lucky to have a personal physician as fantastic as Dr. Meghan Weaver! Can’t say enough about how impressed I was with the entire practice. A wonderful, caring and attentive staff. Not pushy, takes the time to answer questions and completely honest. I truly appreciated this experience and so did my new pup!

 Google My Business Review, 07-13-2021

By: Maggie Hernandez

I’m kind of really disappointed in my experience. I was unaware it was curbside only and I find that to be an issue. It was my first time using this vet. A few days ago, I had two kittens that we recently got. One was dropped off prior to the appointment so they were aware that I knew nothing about it and wanted everything they could do done. While there, they were very mindful of the fact that my A.C doesn’t work as well and since we had to wait in our cars, they took the cats inside for me and called me when they were done to come back as I went to a place with A.C during their appointment. After receiving the kittens, I was informed a couple of things were done but was not told either of the kittens had fleas. After the appointment, I was letting these kittens walk around my house until I went to bathe the one that stepped in his own fecal matter and found that he was infested with fleas. Of course, I’m upset because I am unsure how they didn’t see them and it makes me question if they’re really thoroughly getting looked at since we’re not in the room. I called to inform them of my disappointment and was told to “come pick up some flea medication”. There was no discussion about payment or cost, so we believed they were giving it to us as reimbursement for their error. We showed up and paid. I probably wouldn’t consider coming back unless they open their rooms to the owners of the animals. But, I will say super nice staff.

 Facebook Recommendation, 06-06-2021

By: Tracey Wilson Manning

Dr. Megan and her staff are very professional and truly care about animals. Very fair and have never felt over charged. We will never go to another vet. our pets are our fur babies and I trust them completely with everyone at Hampstead Veterinary Center

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