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Be the first to review, inc. is a web design and web hosting company focusing on the needs of entrepreneurial and local business since 1998. We have developed over 500 websites and web-based applications many of which are still under our management. We are located in Baltimore, Maryland, Carroll County, Maryland and serve many local businesses all over the country. 

Website Design

A Scientific Approach to Website Design.The final phase of the scientific method is proving the results to be replicable. This means we can take techniques we’ve used in the past and apply them to new website design (or website redesigns) and we know they will work because we’ve proven it multiple times over. The results are reliable.

We apply elements of

  • Persuasion: Calls to action, Intense color & carefully chosen wording.
  • Usability: Mobile responsiveness, font choice, content structuring & information architecture.
  • Attraction: Bold layouts, professional photography, smart use of color, search engine optimization & congealed branding.

Website Hosting

If your web hosting is not reliable, it’s detrimental.Web hosting is “renting space on the internet”. All websites require hosting in order to be visible on the internet. We take hosting extremely seriously and approach it as if it were the heartbeat of your business.

Our servers are all linux based and are hosted out of data centers protected by armed guards, and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and only accessible by us.

We do not offer cheap hosting, where your site is hosted along with 2,000 others, making you vulnerable to the weakest link on the server. We have multiple dedicated servers that are ours and ours alone, and we backup all of our websites every single day and catalog them for a minimum of 30 days off-site.

Our Hosting service includes:

  • A Home for your website
  • Email Accounts with SPAM Control
  • Website Statistics (You can even see what people typed into Google to find you)
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Top Quality Server Hardware
  • Solid State Harddrives (Ridiculously fast)

Since 1998 we have been designing, hosting and managing websites for local businesses and organizations. Through our years of experience we have figured out the scientific formula for attracting customers.

We don’t just create websites, we launch a relentless pursuit of your success.

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