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 Retired, 03-26-2019

By: Elberta

I packed everything up for the movers. My daughter choose the company believing that they would do a good job. I moved less than 2.5 miles away. Easy I thought! Moving into a ground floor level apartment. Welp, this was a disaster. The guys showed up hours late. I came to the place to find out that they threw everything at the front door, I hardly have room to get into my apartment. in addition he also told me that he left several items such as not my aunt my sewing machine my bike and that he would get it another day. when I arrived at home to start unpacking my things I plug my TV up to find out it had been broken. Scrached up my new red sofa, broke my table( the leg is broken). I paid $400 for this type of service. It's only me 1have a one bedroom apartment. The price that he charge I will surely to think she would had protected my items. Just asking about the things that was lift behind made him catch an attitude. Not only did I have alot of work to do behind him. I also had a broken TV and I have to move serval of my items myself and I do not drive. This is the service he gives.

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