Marty's Cobra Kove | Pain Relief | CBD/Hemp Oils | Cannabidiol

Marty's Cobra Kove | Pain Relief | CBD/Hemp Oils | Cannabidiol
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Martin “Marty” Kove is best known for his portrayal as the evil karate sensei, John Kreese, in The Karate Kid trilogy, and now is on Netflix with the TV show Cobra Kai with the original Karate Kid cast members.  As busy as Marty has been over the years, his most gratifying activity, as always, is promoting health and well-being, which was his inspiration for being a co creator of Marty’s Cobra Kove based out of Henderson NV. It became important after Marty suffered in a boating accident and because of his stunt work had numerous aches and pains, once he tried out testformulations he became a co-founder and Martys Cobra Kove was born.  

Marty's Cobra Kove now services clients all over the US with superior products.  Our manufacturer's expertise encompasses state-of-the-art Co2 extractors, product formulators, compounding pharmacist researchers and manufacturers, physicians, and other health care practitioners. We are dedicated to the clinical testing of various forms and formulations of Whole Plant Co2 Extracted Hemp.

Our products contain additional botanicals (Herbs and Homeopathics) plus Amino Acids. We find there is an additive effect when these botanicals are added to our “whole plant” extracts.

The IGSR Amino Acid blends were developed with assistance from Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW, a researcher and clinician with years of experience treating patients through diet and balancing brain neurotransmitters with Amino Acids.

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