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At Perfect Publishing, we believe everybody has a book in them and their story deserves to be told . . . and that it’s our job to make this possible! You, as the author, maintain full rights to your book and have full control over marketing, sales, and distribution.

  • We can help with coaching, ghostwriting, and expert editing.

  • We provide full design, formatting, and printing.

  • We provide online marketing with a splash screen for your book and format your book for eBook distribution.

  • We’ll even print business cards and introduce you to networking opportunities that will offer your book to a local and regional markets as well as a worldwide audience!

  • We offer several publishing programs that meet the needs of any author. Be sure to check out our publishing levels page.

Perfect Publishing Publishing offers 3 Levels to help guide you step by step in your creation.  Click Here for more information.

Print A Book – Basic Entry Level Perfect Publishing Membership

Make A Book – Coaching Level and Printing A Book Perfect Publishing Membership

Make A Book – Move A Book – Perfect Publishing Membership & The Umbrella Syndicate Membership

Be sure to follow the instructions in order to have a manuscript that will be accepted by our preflight inspection team during the technical file review. Your manuscript will need to be formatted properly using industry standard publishing specifications. These standards will include the front matter of your book.

  • Title page

  • Copyright page (ISBN) NOTE: ISBN is supplied by Perfect Publishing

  • Copyright Acknowledgments (for titles with reprinted / permission material)

  • Dedication (if included)

  • Table of Contents

  • Foreword (if included – usually written by someone other than the author)

  • Preface (if included – by the author)

  • Acknowledgments (if included)

  • Introduction (if included)

To Learn more about writing and the publishing check list for your perfect book, click here.

Perfect Publishing works with many authors across the country at many different levels of ability.  Check out some of our authors and the books that they wrote here.

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