Police Protection Service | Security Guards | K-9 Units | Event Patrol | Public Security

Police Protection Service | Security Guards | K-9 Units | Event Patrol | Public Security
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Police Protection Services of Pasadena MD offers Security Officers & Off-Duty Police Officers for all of Maryland and the DC area.

Our work force is comprised of:

  • Off Duty Police Officers

  • Well-Trained Security Guards

  • K-9 Units for Narcotics 

  • K-9 Units for Bomb Detection

Armed Guards, Drones, K9 , and mobile patrol Police Protection Services, LLC offers a wide variety of security services to provide solutions to potential problems in public places.

We offer armed security guards who are also off-duty policemen. Only highly trained personnel are employed by Police Protection Services for your security service requirements. We cater to businesses, government, private citizens from all walks of life.

Our officers patrol apartment complexes, construction sites, automobile dealerships, residential communities (public, private property or gated) and retail business companies. We have vehicles for patrolling communities & commercial properties. Our company serves as a highly visible deterrent to criminal actives. We can provide random or scheduled patrols. 

The number of visits & inspections per shift are customized to the client’s needs. Our security Patrol division will perform various functions such as door checks, lighting reports, parking enforcement. Most importantly we aim to prevent unwanted losses to a company, personnel and valuable property. WE ARE HERE TO SERVE!

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