Susan Giddings | Business Growth Consultant | Sales Coach | Strategic Market Positioning | EDGE Business Programs

Susan Giddings | Business Growth Consultant | Sales Coach | Strategic Market Positioning | EDGE Business Programs
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Susan Giddings Business Growth & Sales Strategist of West Palm Beach FL, provides you with the answers and the right path that works for YOUR business and life Locally, Nationally & Globally.

Whether you’ve built a professional service business or consulting business already, but you are struggling to grow and scale the way you want to…Or, you’re currently striving to turn your side hustle into a full time, revenue generating business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know the next best steps to take.

You are not like everyone else and neither is your business.

However, all businesses need these 3 things: FRAMEWORK - POSITIONING - SALES PROCESS

You need a framework and strategic plan for your business that is designed specifically for what success looks like for you. You need to be crystal clear on your vision and layout your next right steps to build the business of your dreams.

You need to be strategically positioned in the market so that you can clearly stand out from the competition and become the obvious choice for your ideal client. And you need proven simplified marketing strategies that are designed to convert leads into clients.

You need to know how to build authentic connections and have powerful conversations that confidently, effectively and easily turn those high-value prospects into happy clients without being salesy or pushy.

The reality is that in order to grow a highly profitable professional services business, you have to be successful with business development and although you learned everything you would ever need to know to be the expert you are, you were never taught how to strategically market yourself or to sell.

That is why we created   for professionals & business owners like you.

Hi, I’m Susan Giddings. Business and sales mentor for service-based business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are serious about growth and founder of The EDGE Business Programs. 

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners master their business, so that they could attract and close more business, increase their rates and make more money with less work.

Fair warning, my passion always comes with some honest tough love. But if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and take your business to the next level without a lot of B.S. or false claims, you’re in exactly the right place.

I’m here to give you the EDGE you need for business success!

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 Confidently Recommend, 05-18-2021

By: Jonathan Howard

If you are looking for a business coach, sales coach, or strategist, I can confidently recommend Susan Giddings to you.

I know she will go above and beyond to deliver exactly what she promises.

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Review Made By: Former Client

 A New Perspective, 05-17-2021

By: Denyse Jackson

Susan has helped me look at my business from a new perspective and apply strategies that are helping me grow my business in ways I would not have anticipated.

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Review Made By: Current Client

 A Clear Communicator, 05-15-2021

By: Dorothy Wisnewski - Content Writer

Susan really knows her stuff and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs stand out and succeed.

She's a clear communicator with a no-nonsense approach I really appreciate.

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Review Made By: Former Client