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SynerVision Leadership Foundation | Nonprofit Building in Lynchburg VA

SynerVision Leadership Foundation | Nonprofit Building in Lynchburg VA
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SynerVision Leadership Foundation in Lynchburg VA, and serves clients Globally, is the leader in providing a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation. We assist existing nonprofits, congregations, and communities seeking ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change who feel lost and uncertain, battered and dispirited. These seekers look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement. We can help!

Our Planning Process is where we guide you and your team from preparation to implementation.

We assist you in defining and implementing 8 streams of recurring revenue.

Our level of success depends on the level of team performance. The better team performs, the higher the achievements and the higher their satisfaction.

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    Lynchburg, VA 24501
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 An Experienced Leader, 12-06-2023

By: Jill

“Hugh Ballou has been working with nonprofit leaders and clergy for over 35 years. He has helped them find gaps in their systems and skills, attract funding, and build a higher level of engagement by their board and volunteers. SynerVision has many programs to fit any size organization and budget availability. Hugh Ballou offers a free consultation that offers great value. I recommend SynerVision’s programs to any leader who wants to advance their skills and grow their organization’s effectiveness.”

 Transformational Leadership, 07-20-2023

By: Mark

Hugh is the author of ten books on Transformational Leadership and is a recognized expert in working with leaders in religious organizations, and businesses, and nonprofits.

 SynerVision Leadership, 07-20-2023

By: Mary

Sherita's experience in grant procurement and facilitation, and economic development are key pieces in her service to the SynerVision Leadership Foundation.

 Leadership Development, 07-20-2023

By: Colleen

Andy works to build group and team effectiveness, leadership development, board and trustee development, and grant making as fund raising, all of which he brings to SynerVision as an expert on nonprofit organizations.

 Engagement, 07-20-2023

By: Tami

SynerVision Leadership Foundation provides a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation.

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