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Tony Bodoh International | Branding |  Behavior Marketing | Leadership Training
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Tony Bodoh is the CEO of Tony Bodoh International, a customer experience consultancy. Tony Bodoh International is focused on applying the science of human experience to deepen the customer relationships that build brands and grow businesses.

Tony's goal is simple...Helping you transform customer admiration into higher sales in 3 easy steps.

  1. COLLECT:  We Gather your Customers Conversations, Surveys & Behavioral Data.  This will help you understand what your best customers admire​ most about your brand and why your best customers buy more per transaction and have a greater lifetime value.

  2. ANALYZE:  We Discover what your Best Customers Believe you Promise their Experiences & Dominant Mindset.  We discover what moves them to feel awe​ when they engage with your brand. We uncover what inspires their deepest gratitude​ toward you and your team. 

  3. IMPLEMENT:  We Improve your Results through Mindset Training, Process Improvements, Updated Marketing Messages & Product Innovations. Ultimately, we help you understand why​ ​they​ ​tell​ ​others​ ​about​ ​you. Then, we help you build the company, culture, products, services and experiences that exceed your clients’ expectations again and again so they keep talking about you.

Today, Tony is a #1 best-selling author and the founder or co-founder of five companies ranging from customer experience consulting to small business training to television. He easily navigates the international stage speaking at both personal growth seminars as well as the uber-nerdy technology conferences. Tony writes his business blogs, personal growth essays and children's stories. While he now coaches executives, he has taught high school for one year and in the Business Department of Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee for seven years.

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 Director of Brand Stewardship, 11-18-2020

By: Helga De Bontin

Tony has been able to quickly analyze and clarify our company's main areas of focus in terms of customer experience, satisfaction and retention. His approach was perfectly tailored to our particular field and size to maintain and develop brand preference. Based on his "Admiration Equation" he developed a framework for us that we use in our decision-making process and daily life.

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 Excellent Advisor, 11-10-2020

By: Blue Ridge Yoga

Tony is an excellent advisor and data analyst. His dissection of our data has helped us understand more about our clientele from a numerical and emotional perspective. One of Tony's key strengths is his application of psychology to give deeper meaning to the information he provides and the recommendations he makes. Tony is an intuitive, empathetic, and resourceful advisor who will get to know your business well and faithfully pursue the journey of growing your business with you.

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 Very Professional, 09-21-2020

By: Cynthia

Tony is one of the best in his field. He has the ability to dissect complex situation and provide simple solutions. He also has a great understanding of people and their needs which plays such a critical role in providing great customer experience.

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