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VTEAM Positive Energy | Virtual Zoom Networking | Pasadena MD Chapter | Local, National & Global Networking

VTEAM Positive Energy | Virtual Zoom Networking | Pasadena MD Chapter | Local, National & Global Networking
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Welcome to TEAM Referral Network, where we are passionate about networking and connecting you with the right professionals to grow your business. TEAM Referral Network was created in 2002 out of La Verne, California and now has over 130 Chapters across the globe.  

TEAM Referral Network includes weekly meetings with your chapter, training programs, business development, and most importantly, quality business relationships. The individual chapters are at the heart of TEAM and promote an environment for regular networking, building strategic partnerships, and promoting your business on a local, national or global level.  Our chapters are exclusive in nature, where only one person per business category is allowed in each chapter. We have recently launched our virtual Zoom chapters, which employ online conferencing technologies and apps to allow networking to happen virtually! These online business networks bring the power of TEAM Referral Network to anyone and everyone!

Introducing Virtual Chapter - TEAM POSITIVE ENERGY


Are you looking to GROW your Business NOW?  We invite you to visit our VTEAM - Positive Energy based in Pasadena MD, serving the Baltimore/Washington area locally and Zooming to network across the Nation & Globally.  You can network from your office, home, or on the go!  If you would like more information and want to network with like-minded professionals from around the country, please join us on Fridays at 9 am EST. You will meet other dynamic professionals, share about your business, and learn more about how being part of a Collaborative Virtual TEAM can help you grow your business.             

Interested?  Connect with us on Zoom at and enter password TEAMWORK.

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 Mr, 09-23-2022

By: Thomas Sommers, Sr.

You want to network with people who are Eagles and lift you up - then VTeam Positive Energy is the group to do just that for you. Come visit and let us know how we can help you, as the VTeam Positive Energy Group Loves to lift others up and see them succeed at levels they have only imagined of before.

 The No Drama Llama, 09-14-2022

By: Marike

Positive Energy says it all. If you're looking for a boost for your business, whether local or international, pop in! We always enjoy meeting entrepreneurs from around the world working across all sectors. There is always someone to meet and something to learn. Anyone welcome!

 Fabulous and Productive, 09-14-2022

By: Judi Wroe

Love this group of professionals. Informative and many of these folks are network gurus so amazing connections. Try us out.

 The LinkedIn Coach, 03-05-2022

By: Shawn E Hill

Loved the meeting. Full of positive energy! There were 19 business owners and I got to get all of their information

 Beyond Networking, 12-14-2021

By: judi wroe from Maryland

As a member of multiple networking groups, Vteam Positive Energy wins the prize for best connection for multiple reasons. First, it is a group of Positive professionals committed to building relationships and generating referrals. The consistent energy and positivity are beyond any groups I've been affiliated with over the past 6 years. Secondly, as a permanent virtual group, there is an opportunity twice a month to join the global group and expand your business internationally from the comfort of your home computer. I highly recommend visiting our group if you are looking to expand your business.

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