VTEAM Power Partners | Virtual Zoom Networking | Local, National & Global

VTEAM Power Partners | Virtual Zoom Networking | Local, National & Global

Welcome to VTEAM Referral Network, where we are passionate about networking and connecting you with the right professionals to grow your business. 

VTEAM Referral Network includes weekly meetings with your chapter, training programs, business development, and most importantly, quality business relationships. The individual chapters are at the heart of TEAM and promote an environment for regular networking, building strategic partnerships, and promoting your business on a local, national or global level.  Our chapters are exclusive in nature, where only one person per business category is allowed in each chapter.

Introducing VTEAM Power Partners

Are you looking to GROW your Business NOW?  We invite you to visit our VTEAM - Power Partners based in Loose England serving the Maidstone area locally and Zooming to network across the Nation & Globally.  

You can network from your office, home, or on the go!  If you would like more information and want to network with like-minded professionals from around the country, please join us on Tuesday's 4pm BST (British Summer Time). You will meet other dynamic professionals, share about your business, and learn more about how being part of a Collaborative Virtual TEAM can help you grow your business.

Connect with us on Zoom at and enter password TEAMWORK.

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