Wealth Thru Wellness | Health Coaching | Weight Management

Wealth Thru Wellness | Health Coaching | Weight Management
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The Wealth Thru Wellness Project (WTWP) of Silver Spring MD is a unique investment strategy to show people how to create an income producing asset thru using wellness solutions and community building. We coach an innovative way to make money on line from home. We work with people who highly value their health & well being, their financial security, and have a collaborative community orientation. 

On the health & wellbeing side, we have an incredible way to up-level your health; lose weight, more energy, mental clarity, better sleep, less inflammation, no more bloat, skin/nails and so much more. Our Health Coaching approach brings the body into balance so it can be the miracle it was designed to be. There are 2 effective protocols to kickstart your health. We have an incredible elimination reset that will handle cravings and culprits and allow you to get back in control of your health and body. Take the guesswork out of getting to your best health, being IN CONTROL, and staying there. WHAT A GIFT THAT IS...IT'S FREEDOM! 

This "out of the box" Investment & health strategy with Wealth Thru Wellness allows one to manage, improve and up-level their wellbeing and benefit financially through community building, referrals and a unique compensation strategy to create both upfront and residual income that doesn't require getting another job or investing a lot of money.

What if "financial burden" was no longer a part of your life? What could you do? Be? Have?

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